Welcome to DON’T CALL ME CUPCAKE, where we serve cupcakes with an attitude!
I love to bake, but I’m no cupcake! I’m more like a tough cookie!  I have said “don’t call me a cupcake!” out loud so many times that when I decided to start this business, one of my MMA (mixed martial arts) instructors laughed and said “You should call it Don’t Call Me Cupcake”.  And here we are!  (Thanks, Big Mike!)

The passing of the Texas Cottage Food Bill by the Texas Legislature in 2011 now makes limited home-bakeries legal. That has opened the door for me to do something I love part-time.  That keeps it fun and enjoyable for me.

Allow me to pass my passion along to you with the tastiest cupcakes you’ve ever tasted!

To order, please email me at halfthegirl2011@gmail.com

Please see the menu page for a sample of the flavors available.


Basic Flavors–$18.00 per dozen      (with filling–$20.00 per dozen)

Spiked Flavors–$23.00 per dozen  (with filling–$28.00 per dozen)


Large cookies–$12.00 per dozen

Small cookies–$8.00 per dozen

Cookie Platters  available–pricing upon request


$12.00-$15.00 per dozen